Adam Carolla Crowdfunds Movie Project “Road Hard”

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Adam Carolla wants to make a new movie and he’s asking his fans for help. The comedian wants to raise $1 million dollars using the internet and crowd funding. The movie is called “Road Hard” and recently we caught up with the cast to chat about the project and how the effort is going.

What’s interesting about Adam’s crowd funding platform of choice – FundAnything – is that he gets the money no matter what. Unlike popular sites like KickStarter, where you have to reach your goal to actually get the money from supporters, FundAnything doesn’t require that. Although there is a “goal” of $1 million.

Full disclosure – my good pal Bald Bryan – works for the Adam Carolla Show podcast, although he is in no way connected to this project.

Adam’s FundAnything page

Here’s our story as it aired on KTLA 5 TV in Los Angeles:



Later in the show, there was a little more debate about the merits of Hollywood folks crowd funding…