HTC One Smartphone: Solid Android with a Great Camera & Speakers

In the tech world, it’s always nice to see when a company gets it right. The HTC One is a great example of this.

I’ve been playing with the phone for few weeks now and it is definitely one of the best Android phones out there. My top concerns for a phone come down to this: camera, battery, ergonomics and software. This phone performs well in most of those areas. The camera is crystal clear and captures excellent shots. The battery isn’t the longest lasting I’ve ever seen but it’s not one of those phones (ahem, Nexus 4) where you literally just watch your battery tick down without using it. The build quality is great although I find the phone to be a little slippery and heavy in the hand.  Also, having the speakers on the front of the phone makes a big difference for actually hearing when the phone rings, texts come in and watching videos.

My biggest complaint is the software. Vanilla Android, without all of the HTC Sense stuff, would make this a perfect device. I get why manufacturers want to skin Android, and maybe this is just a tech geek thing, but it complicates an otherwise clean operating system. I wish they would just offer buyers the option – do you want our custom skin or stock? Give us the choice.

However, I’m willing to look past the software thing since it is not an issue for most consumers and can highly recommend the HTC One as a solid Android device choice.

My review, as seen on KTLA-TV Los Angeles: