Earth Day 2013: Green Gadgets That Can Save You Some Cash

Today I featured a segment on Green Gadgets for Earth Day. We found a Philips LED light bulb that lasts 22 years before it needs to be replaced, a solar keyboard from Logitech that never needs batteries (and yes, draws power from both natural and artificial light) plus a surge protector that has a wireless switch so you can turn off your vampire gadgets for real before you leave the house.

A little behind the scenes on this one. I taped several stand-ups for this segment where I showed off the gadgets and they were going to be mixed into the piece. I recorded my voice over for the script and then left it all for my editor to put together and I hopped on a flight out of town.

Well, as luck would have it our tape with the stand-ups got erased. (Thankfully my tracks were recorded on a different tape)

But here’s the thing that saved us – I always record my stand-ups as voice-over when I’m doing my tracks, just in case something bad happens – a glitch on the stand-up, bad lighting, a word mess up we didn’t catch while we taped them, etc.

In this instance, that rare thing happened where there was an issue.

Without the stand-ups done as voice tracks, the segment wouldn’t  have made much sense. But my editor had them and was able to work around it. Guess my over-prudence paid off.

Here’s the segment:

and how it looked when we did it live on KTLA: