facebook home android

Facebook launches “Home” for Android

Facebook Home for Android is basically a customized launcher but solely focused on making Facebook a bigger part of the mobile experience.

A lot of people will try Home out because you can easily download it for a bunch of phones. But the big question is: Will it make your mobile experience cleaner and more interesting, or just more cluttered?

The news feed photos on the lock screen is a really cool concept, but get one (or a few) annoying, weird or bad photos when you go to unlock your phone and you’ll be over that feature really quick.

The idea of messaging windows that float on top of the app you are using is very compelling. You can finally respond to incoming texts or messages without leaving the app you are working in.

Also, people love to mindless surf Instagram, Facebook and Twitter while they are doing brainless activities like standing in line. Facebook Home makes this process much easier and one step. You can get to your news feed (or cover feed as they are calling it) quicker than ever before.

That basically cuts Twitter, Google News and other mindless surfing sites out of the picture. Brilliant move.

Here’s my report on Facebook Home for Android as it appeared on the KTLA Morning News in Los Angeles.